Woah...howd you know to click on that there button you silly goose???...haha...well. since you're here. imma go on a tangent about...huh..idk yet...HAHA thats sure emberassing yeah? SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SCROLL DOWN!!!!!!!!!! im so fast> now. my update with this certian page. im going to ramble. Find yourself stumbling across this page? here's strange things about me.

I don't like drinking water unless it is in a water bottle with a chewy straw with ice. Two, I don't remember what I was talking about. Listen, I gotta create my blog. Sometimes I do feel like talking, but not directly to anyone. rambling about usless info can be fun, and thats what I'll use my blog for. I should probably start it now, but I need to start my finals projects. I have had weeks to do them and obviously I'm not going to start them until right now. Oh well, they can wait. Blog here I come