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I take kinning slightly different compared to most. It is not for fun, or for spritual reasons. I like to kin according to traits which speak to me the most or choice making. It also is connected to my mbti type which is INTP-T 9w8.

I started kinning rantaro actually a long time ago, pretty much a year now. I think it's pretty easy to say we're similar. The way me and him make choices are very similar, being secretive about plans that we already have in mind, not being very trusting towards others about plans...It's not just the choices though, it's personality too. I'd say that my personality aligns the most with rantaro's. Interests and hobbies as well. I'm often described as a calm, brotherly like figure who is scary at first. I also really love my siblings, and I'd do anything for them. I do like the out doors, despite how lazy I seem. Traveling with my sisters is more fun to me than alone.