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about vann

hi. I'm Vann also known as chewy or whatever else people call me. I'm an intp 6w5 sp/so 694 phlegmatic true neutral. I don't know the rest yet, so I'll update my page if i find out. I'm also a scorpio sun and an aquarius moon rising but i dont really care about horoscope. I'm a very curious person so sorrry if i ask the question "why" 24/7. I don't really talk unless I want to, if im completely mute when you talk to me i might just not feel like using my voice. I am learning sign language. I enjoy pyschology obviously and when I grow up I want to be a criminal profiler. Knowing why people do things is my favorite...I love playing video games, if you dont know what to talk to me about just ask me what games i play and we can enjoy a game. My favorite game right now is friday night funkin.
likes and dislikes


the color green


music (ask me for my playlist!)